iHeartMedia Debuts “Finding Fred” Podcast

iHeartMedia and Fatherly have debuted a new iHeartRadio original podcast, “Finding Fred.” The show digs into the language of Mister Rogers to uncover his very adult lessons about how to build a meaningful life. The 10-episode podcast is hosted by author, memoirist and podcaster Carvell Wallace, and launches on Tuesday. The show is co-produced by iHeartMedia and Fatherly, in partnership with Transmitter Media, and will be distributed through the iHeartPodcast Network.

“Finding Fred” reintroduces an adult audience to Fred Rogers, who is best known as the presenter on a beloved childhood show but was also an important American thinker with a profound and radical worldview. Episodes feature interviews with people whose lives were changed by Rogers, and people who got close enough to understand precisely what motivated this determined man. Biographical details sprinkled throughout help listeners understand how Rogers arrived at insights into topics as varied as power, faith, responsibility and citizenship.

Featured throughout the series are the voices of prominent writers and thinkers like Ashley C. Ford, Eve Ewing and W. Kamau Bell, investigative journalist Cristof Putzel, TV critic David Bianculli, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood cast member Francois Clemmons, Rogers’ biographer Maxwell King and producers who worked with Fred for 30+ years — as well as archival material courtesy of Fred Rogers Productions.

“Mister Rogers has had a huge impact on an entire generation of children. As this generation becomes parents, raising children of their own, it’s important to discuss how his words and ideas are still relevant today,” said host Carvell Wallace.

iHeart “‘Finding Fred’ dives into the core of how we can all be better neighbors to one another. Working with iHeartRadio on this project allows us to create a podcast that will spread widely across a generation looking to reconnect with a true American legend,” added Fatherly Chief Content Officer Andrew Burmon. “There’s no such thing as outgrowing Mister Rogers.”

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