PodcastOne Releases New Platform, Mobile App

PodcastOne has launched its new platform and mobile app. In addition to the standard feature set, the company says this first-in-industry podcast app offers video and social capabilities designed to enhance the listening experience, while offering new ways for fans to engage with their favorite shows and hosts. The free-to-download app offers listeners a collaborative destination where they can participate in conversation around shows, access exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, message one another, read trending articles and take polls.

PodcastOne has also partnered with MANDT VR, a producer of serialized 360-degree and VR content. MANDT VR equipped the PodcastOne studios in Beverly Hills, Burbank and New York with video technology to record podcasts in new, immersive formats. In addition, mobile units are deployed across the country to record podcasts produced in remote locations. To date, the team has produced more than 1000 pieces of short-form 360-degree and VR video content. The full library is available now and new video experiences will be added weekly.

PodcastOne Founder and Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz said, “The launch of our new PodcastOne mobile app is a milestone for our company, as we are providing a host of features for our listeners to choose from to enhance their listening experience that no other network provides. Now, with our partners at MANDT VR, we can offer a truly immersive experience that allows the listener to sit in the recording studio, right across the table from the host.”

“Norm is a pioneer in the media space who is not afraid to embrace new technologies to advance an industry; a mindset that’s propelled PodcastOne to unparalleled success,” said MANDT VR Co-founder/CEO Neil Mandt. “The drive to innovate through new mediums, combined with the flexible nature of podcast consumption and presence of a highly-engaged audience, creates the perfect environment for introducing the world to the next wave of audio-visual storytelling.”

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