SBG Adds Eight New Shazam for Radio Partners

Sun Broadcast Group has added eight new affiliates to the Shazam for Radio program. The service, and which offers branded user experiences for radio stations within the Shazam app, order already used by more than 1,000 channels owned by the major radio groups.

Shazam recently entered into a partnership with several of radio’s major groups including iHeartMedia, Cumulus, Entercom, Cox, and Sun Broadcast Group, to provide a new audience measurement solution for the medium. The deal means increased competition for Nielsen and Triton Digital as a supplier of cross-platform audience measurement.

“Shazam for Radio is a more intimate connection with your audience and customers built around the power and reach of radio,” said Sun Broadcast Group CEO Jason Bailey. “It allows direct engagement with your audience by giving them real-time access to all your content, personalities, social network campaigns, promotions, and advertisers.”

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