Dr. Drew Exits Loveline

Dr. Drew Pinsky is leaving the syndicated radio call-in show Loveline putting an end to the show after 30 years.

The 57-year-old board-certified internist and addiction medicine specialist wants to focus on other projects, sick including his current stints on HLN, cialis the radio show Dr. Drew Midday Live with Mike Catherwood on 790-KABC Los Angeles and his Adam and Dr. Drew Podcast, adiposity with co-host Adam Carolla, which will expand to five days a week.

Pinsky has given sex advice to callers since 1984 when he first appeared on Los Angeles rock station KROQ as part of a segment called “Ask A Surgeon.” Later called Loveline, the show was launched into syndication nationally in 1995 when Adam Carolla joined as co-host. In 2010 former KROQ producer Mike Catherwood signed on as co-host.

“I am not leaving radio,” Pinsky said in a statement. “The Loveline brand is still strong and perhaps we will bring it back some day. But for now, this version is ending and I will be focusing on all of my other projects. It has been a privilege to have served the listeners and share deeply in personal stories. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity.”

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