DGital Media and WYM Media to Distribute The Herman Cain Show

DGital Media is partnering with Cox Media Group to syndicate and market “The Herman Cain Show”, effective January 4. DGital Media will be the exclusive advertising sales representative and its affiliated company WYM Media will be the exclusive distributor, handling affiliate marketing. Cain was the President and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, the President of the National Restaurant Association and in 2012 a Republican candidate for President of the United States. His radio program is currently heard on over 120 radio stations, including on flagship Cox Media Group’s WSB-AM Atlanta.

Cox Media Group Director of Branding and Programming Pete Spriggs noted, “It is great to be working again with John Murphy and the rest of the DGital Media team. My particular experience with them is they are the most original thinkers of any audio company I’ve had the privilege of working with.”

Cain said, “I am excited to work with a company like DGital Media that is not only familiar with my radio show but also has plans to further extend my brand into digital audio.”

DGital Media’s President John Murphy added, “Herman Cain is uniquely situated to comment on the upcoming election and all issues facing our Country today. As we enter the 2016 election year his voice will be heard across the country and we are both honored and excited to market his brand and program to advertisers and radio stations.”

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