Benztown and Sports USA Partner for Daily Roto Feature

Benztown and Sports USA Media have announced that they have partnered to offer radio stations the Daily Roto radio feature, a free 30-second weekday fantasy sports update showcasing fantasy sports tips, picks and analysis across multiple sports from the inside experts at is a subscription-based fantasy sports intelligence resource, providing data, articles, news and insights from sports experts. Benztown will produce the Daily Roto feature for radio, while Sports USA Media will distribute the feature to stations for free — no cash, no commercial inventory. In addition, Benztown production library customers will receive the Daily Roto feature as part of Benztown’s sports library.

Dave “Chachi” Denes, President of Benztown said: “We are thrilled to team up with Sports USA Media and to offer stations a free ticket to the fastest-growing sector in sports media. Through the Daily Roto fantasy sports feature, radio listeners that love fantasy sports will get the information they need to give them an edge — regardless of the sport.”

Bob Moore, President of Sports USA said: “Fantasy sports is the fastest growing segment of all sports. We are extremely excited to offer this free service to radio stations all over the country. Sports USA’s live play-by-play coverage and fantasy sports go hand and hand. Daily Roto’s feature will continue to fuel that passion.”

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