ABC Radio Announces Labor Day 2015 Programming

ABC Radio will offer three one-hour specials for use over the 2015 Labor Day Holiday weekend. The programs include “The Election Show: 16 Things to Know Before 2016,” “Back to School Survival Guide” and “Streamline and Simplify Your Life.” Hosted by ABC news correspondent Cheri Preston and ABC News Political Director Rick Klein, “The Election Show” will break down each candidate, where they stand on the issues, and their chances of ending up in the White House.

ABC Radio’s “Back to School Survival Guide” will provide listeners with the help they need to make the transition from summer to the structure of the school year. Hosted by ABC’s Michelle Franzen, this one-hour special will share tips and guidance from saving money on clothing and supplies to making parents aware for signs of bullying.

“Streamline and Simplify Your Life” will give listeners tips on how to de-clutter day to day life, from paying down and consolidating debts to helpful hints to prepare the night before to make mornings easier for the whole family. Hosted by ABC’s Scott Goldberg, this one-hour special and provide tips on how to clear out the clutter in life and start planning for the future.

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