Blue Sun Offers Radio Stations One Stop for Online Management

Blue Sun Media has launched a new service for radio stations, One Spot Sites, a custom station website builder with all the necessary tools for stations to easily manage their online presence, all in one spot. The sites are available for the cost of one commercial spot a day.

One Spot Sites enables stations to spend less time managing their digital presence and save money in the process. Blue Sun is also offering One Spot Apps and One Spot Streams to radio outlets under the same terms.

Blue Sun Media Founder/Managing Director Russ Gilbert said, “Up until now maintaining a station’s digital presence has been an exercise in frustration. In many cases, every system has its own login and control panel that doesn’t talk to the others. Editing the Website, Contesting, Text Messaging, Email Club and other functions are typically all on their own islands, and that’s before we even start talking about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. To add insult to injury, radio stations typically pay too much money to too many vendors for these outdated and inefficient systems. It’s very different with One Spot Sites. Everything is built into WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world. All the tools most stations need are there in one system.”

BMT President/CEO and Adelante Media Group CEO Jay Meyers, who serves as Blue Sun’s chairman of the board, said, “The difference between Blue Sun and the competition is not only innovative thinking and design, but the ability to customize for each individual customer. Blue Sun’s roster of celebrity, media, and other enterprise caliber websites are prime examples of the quality and creativity that sets brands apart. Russ Gilbert understands that Radio’s future is tied to the effective blending of broadcast radio and digital and that is where Blue Sun excels above all others.”

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