Westwood One Drops Billy Bush for Zach Sang and the Gang

Westwood One will end the syndicated “The Billy Bush Show” on December 31 and replace it with “Zach Sang and the Gang.” Westwood is telling affiliates that it will end production of both the weeknight show syndicated radio show and the weekend countdown program hosted by the “Access Hollywood” anchor.

Replacing Bush is “Zach Sang & The Gang” live from 7p-12 midnight ET, clinic hosted by 20 year-old Nickelodeon personality Zach Sang. Produced by WYD Media, “Zach Sang and the Gang” is currently syndicated by Westwood One.

Westwood describes the Zach Sang show as “a national CHR radio hangout with trending content and music for the lost generation created by their peers, integrated seamlessly with essential real-time digital and social engagement.”

Bush’s nighttime show for CHR stations was originally developed by Dial Global, before Cumulus Media bought the network in 2013 and merged it with its own. After the merger Cumulus had dropped the Bush show from more than 50 of its stations to carry celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.


2 thoughts on “Westwood One Drops Billy Bush for Zach Sang and the Gang

  • March 27, 2015 at 11:48 am

    Wow…interesting critique. Thanks for the comment Ulysses.

  • December 24, 2014 at 8:37 pm

    Why is this “kid” NOT right for a radio / tv show [as a personality]? Because todays tweens-to-young-adults ARE mostly prejudice and online bullies, and NO ONE is exempt from being human, prone to such degrading habits or qualities. I have noted his bias and prejudice regarding certain singers while praising Nickelodeon connections: he is NOT neutral like the older ones are (Ryan Seacrest, Saturday Night Online’ Romeo, Maxwell at Q102, John and Kannon at Open House Party, etc). Pop culture is making the world a very, very stupid place, and we NEED radio / TV personalities like Ryan Seacrest, who is fun and about pop culture but responsible and professional about it. This Zach Sang guy (and the Gang) talks about pussy and penises and drinking and such while so many, SO many kids listen to Hit/Top 40 radio, and you want him to host to them?! It matters not if he says “drink responsibly” and such because what he does IS condone all-age drinking, in undercurrent. Locally, I use to love listening to radio host/personality Jackson Blue, on my Q96, WQQB, then this guy started and his tone was simply questionable from the start. Get this dude out and bring back Jackson Blue and “Party Playhouse” or anyone else, even Billy Bush. Please! Plus, our parents ARE losing these jobs to kids who don’t NEED these jobs.

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