Benztown Names Top 50 Voiceover Artists

Benztown has released its first-ever 50 Voice Power Index, ranking the top voiceover artists in the U.S.  Benztown used SparkNet Research to compile and analyze data for the list, including the number of affiliates, station size and market,  from more than 100 radio groups that provided information for the list.

Benztown President Dave Denes said, “This annual ranking of the most influential voice professionals in the U.S. is an idea whose time has come. As an industry leader in producing quality radio voiceover and imaging, we believe it’s important to shine a light on the value of voiceover to successful radio brands. We congratulate and honor those talented individuals who comprise this inaugural index. We’re excited about making next year’s index even more robust.”

Here is Benztown’s 50 Voice Power Index in order:

1. Pat Garrett
2. Scott Fisher
3. Cousin Deke
4. George W Robinson
5. John Willyard
6. Jeff Berlin
7. Harry Legg
8. Scott Matthews
9. Chad Erickson
10. Rachel McGrath
11. Steve Kamer
12. Sean Caldwell
13. Howard Cogan
14. Randy Reeves
15. Dr. Dave Ferguson
16. Dave Kampel
17. Matt Anthony
18. Chris Corley
19. Rick Party
20. Rich Van Slyke
21. Heather Walters
22. Jim Conrad
23. Tom Pagnotti
24. Jake Kaplan
25. Jim Merkel
26. Wendy K Gray
27. Dave Steele
28. Jude Corbett
29. Allan Peck
30. John Reilly
31. Drake Donovan
32. Mike Muscatello
33. Jeff Laurence
34. Jeff Davis
35. Randy Cox
36. Dave Morris
37. Neil Wilson
38. Austin Keyes
39. Mitch Craig
40. Joe Cipriano
41. Steve Stone
42. Mike Blakeney
43. Apollo
44. Ann Dewig
45. Chuck Matthews
46. Amber Cotton
47. Cayman Kelly
48. Donna Frank
49. Ben Blankenship
50. Pete Gustin


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