Mike Huckabee Ends Radio Show

Syndicated radio talk show host and former Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee announced on his Facebook page that he will end his radio show on Thursday Dec 12th. The Mike Huckabee Show is currently heard on over 200 radio stations across the country.

“I have loved doing the Mike Huckabee Show, and it’s success of going from launch to over 200 stations in less than two years is significant, but the contract was at a decision point for both Cumulus Media and me, and we mutually agreed to conclude,” he wrote in a posting. “I have opportunities in some other areas that cannot be accomplished given the eight to nine hours a day I was devoting to the daily long form show. In the original development of the show, I set out to develop a talk radio show that focused on civil discourse on complicated topics as well as human events and stories from the entertainment world, I feel we have done that and done it well. What’s more, “I look forward to doing some Town Hall events in conjunction with Cumulus Media in 2014 … As for the new endeavors, at this time, it would best for me to say, ‘Stay tuned!’”

Huckabee will continue doing The Huckabee Report, a daily commentary now heard on over 500 stations.

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