Geraldo Rivera to go ‘Live and Local’ in NYC

Geraldo Rivera’s radio show has been nationally syndicated since August 2012, purchase but Cumulus Media announced on Monday that the host will be “live and local” only on New York City’s 77 WABC starting next year. The revamped “Geraldo” radio show will launch Jan. 1, 2014, and air weekdays from 10 a.m. to noon EST on 77 WABC and online.

Rivera, who is also with Fox News, first signed with WABC radio in January 2012. A few weeks later, he also began hosting a separate live show for Los Angeles’s KABC, Cumulus Media Networks then launched  “Geraldo” nationally on over 40 stations in August of that year.

The new “Geraldo,” will “focus on the most talked about topics involving the nation’s largest city covering everything from social issues to politics,” Cumulus announced in a press release. “Rivera will also continue his fight against unemployment by broadcasting live from upcoming ‘Put Americans Back to Work’ job expos and events hosted by Cumulus.”

“For the last four decades, in war and peace I’ve been chasing the news around the world. But there’s a universe of stories right here in my hometown,” Rivera said. “Energized and excited by this opportunity, I’m taking our show to the four corners of the five boroughs. I’ll be on the streets and in the face of lawbreakers and newsmakers, ready with a hot mike and a helping hand.”

Cumulus co-COO and executive vice president John Dickey added that “we are excited that one of the most recognized and respected names in media will be sharing his perspectives on New York issues and supporting local causes that matter most to listeners in one of our top markets.”

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