Andrea Tantaros Walks off TRN Show Files Lawsuit

And the hits just keep on coming for Talk Radio Network. The embattled talk network aired a “Best Of The Andrea Tantaros” show on Thursday after the talker filed suit against the network, alleging it didn’t live up to its end of her employment contract.   The lawsuit was filed hours after Tantaros notified TRN that since she felt it was in breach of their agreement, she was walking away from her show. TRN has seen numerous defections from its roster including Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham and Phil Hendrie. All have exited the network over the past year, which also saw the folding of its syndicated all-news network.

Tantaros’s complaint says TRN failed to provide her with promised support staff members, including a “competent” executive producer, full-time call screener, sound effects manager or personal assistant leaving her with a show that could only book “‘C-list’ quality guests.”   The filing also discloses her pay totaled $300,000 a year plus a percentage of advertising revenue.   But Tantaros says TRN failed to disclose its legal battle with Dial Global, which at the time was the national rep for the network before a lawsuit led to their split.  “There no longer was any meaningful sales force to sell her program to advertisers or potential advertisers,” the lawsuit claims.

In the suit, Tantaros also said that TRN’s president and CEO Mark Masters made several false statements to recruit her for a radio show, including that Laura Ingraham, whose show Tantaros replaced, “was a nightmare, difficult to deal with, and an impossible and unfair negotiator and that is why Defendant TRN was planning to part ways with Ms. Ingraham and why her coveted time slot would be available.”

Tarantos who is a co-host on FOX News’ “The Five'” signed with TRN in December and is the seventh highest rated talk show in the country.


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