Benztown’s R-Dub! Enters the Shark Tank

R-Dub!, creator and host of Benztown Radio Network’s nationally syndicated radio show, Sunday Night Slow Jams, will appear on Friday’s (October 11) episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank.” Singer Brian McKnight will be a part of the presentation to the Sharks when he joins R Dub! as he pitches “Sunday Night Slow Jams,” his four-hour weekly radio show featuring Rhythmic and Pop love songs and listener dedications called “Oral Expressions.”

President of Fusion Radio Networks and producer of Sunday Night Slow Jams R-Dub! said; “You first have to understand that ‘Shark Tank’ is my absolute favorite TV show. By watching faithfully every week, I feel like I know the Sharks personally and love each one of them in a different way. So after seeing the Sharks from my living room every Friday night for years, you can imagine my excitement in getting the chance to  actually stand right in front of them, in person. Absolutely surreal.”

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