Talk Radio Network Suspends Operations

In a termination letter sent Friday to employees in the Talk Radio Network Oregon operations centers, CEO Mark Masters said the network is “suspending most of our business operations.”  Multiple news and talk hosts for TRN’s America’s Radio News Network say they didn’t receive their biweekly paycheck last week and that they’ve been left in the dark about their employment status.  In the termination letter Masters blamed TRN’s financial problems on its former ad sales partner, Dial Global.  Masters said “their non-payment of long overdue funds owed to each of the syndication companies we service” was forcing TRN to suspend most of its operations.

TRN sued Dial Global, along with Triton Media, Courtside Media, WYD Media Management and Compass Media last fall, alleging the companies violated antitrust laws by conspiring to monopolize the spoken word syndication business and the advertising sales efforts that support that programming.

*UPDATE* Talk Radio Network CEO Mark Masters responded to news reports yesterday saying that the network’s talk shows would continue without interruption. The network’s financial hardship has forced the company to cut back to what Masters called “the basic operating essentials” and to suspend operations of its America’s Radio News Network (ARNN). The news network will provide “appropriate feeds” for affiliates until they can secure alternate programming. Master’s response came after statements from ARNN talent and producers last weekend who say they didn’t receive their September 5 paychecks and were left in the dark about their employment status.

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