New Cast of Characters for the Mike Huckabee Show

They’re calling them “recurring guests” not co-hosts on Mike Hukabee‘s Cumulus media syndicated radio show. Among the recurring cast are former syndicated host Neal Boortz, Fox News Channel contributors Jehmu Greene and Doug Schoen, and several former governors including New Mexico’s Gary Johnson, Nebraska’s Ben Nelson, and New York’s George Pataki. Another guest host will be former New York Governor David Patterson.

Two months ago Huckabee said in interviews that he was undecided about continuing his show, saying he wasn’t sure what the “return is” on a three-hour radio program.

Huckabee says,  “Our show has continued to grow in affiliates and content, and we’re looking forward to taking it to the next level of getting into the issues of the day with a family of special guests who will sometimes agree with me, but often not.

The Mike Huckabee Show airs on roughly 200 stations.

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