Caroline Susholtz New Show Producer for Ace & TJ

Caroline Susholtz is the new Executive Producer for the syndicated Ace & TJ Show replacing longtime show fixture “Yankee Pete” Herrick, who resigned last month after 19 years to pursue other opportunities. Susholtz honed her skillz as Asst. Producer of the Roula & Ryan morning show on Cumulus Top 40 KRBE Houston.

“I already love her,” TJ declared. “And not just because she thinks I’m funny… but that’s a clear indication of her obvious brilliance.”  “We are so excited to have Caroline join our family. She’s smart, organized and energetic. In other words, she’s all the things we aren’t,” added Ace.

“I’m so excited and honored to be the Executive Producer for the Ace & TJ Show,  it’s huge!” Susholtz exclaimed. “This is my dream job and I’m looking forward to a great future in radio with Ace, TJ, and everyone!” The Ace & TJ Show is currently syndicated to over a dozen markets in several formats.

One thought on “Caroline Susholtz New Show Producer for Ace & TJ

  • March 6, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    Where is Caroline? I haven’t heard her on the morning show in awhile. I won’t check for a response but would love to hear an update in the am. Lol…it’s a waiting game, we may never know!!! haha

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