InTheStudio with Redbeard Celebrates 25th Year

InTheStudio with Redbeard: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands celebrates its 25th year of national radio syndication. InTheStudio first launched the broadcast week of June 27,1988 with rock legends Crosby, Stills & Nash as inaugural guests and program host Redbeard, whose legendary recording artist interviews have helped document the rich history of Rock’n’Roll for a quarter century while entertaining millions of music fans on broadcast radio.

InTheStudio celebrates its 25th anniversary all summer with special Rock Star interview content features and contest giveaways on its weekly national broadcast show and social media. In addition, InTheStudio music fans will have a chance to vote for their favorite artist interview programs from the past 25 years on the InTheStudio Facebook page.

Redbeard reflecting on the reason behind the program’s longevity and continued success said, “When InTheStudio original Executive Producer Stephen R.Smith conceived twenty-five years ago of bringing the superstars of the rock format to radio every single week through one-on-one interviews about the stars’ most popular music, he was keenly aware that the rock audience had matured. Now the audience wanted an intimate, direct relationship with the musicians who actually created the soundtrack to their lives, lifting the curtain on the ‘Wizards of Rock.’ Over that time the innate desire of the fans to get closer to the flame of inspiration has only intensified. InTheStudio rockumentaries have revealed new secrets and breathed new life into the last half century of contemporary music.”

One thought on “InTheStudio with Redbeard Celebrates 25th Year

  • July 18, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    In the world of broadcast syndication a show having a shelve life of over ten years is deemed quite a successful standard. For a show to celebrate a 25-year anniversary is an accomplishment that deserves significant accolades. For the show’s host and producer, rock radio legend Redbeard, he has positioned this program for continued success with great marketing opportunities, amazing interviews and more.

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