Nick Cannon Ends “Cannon’s Countdown”

Nick Cannon will leave his nationally syndicated radio show “Cannon’s Countdown” next month after two years of hosting the weekly countdown show.

Cannon announced in a press release that he will exit the show June 8 to focus on his multi-media company NCredible Entertainment. The 32-year-old also teased an upcoming album in the works. This is the second time that Cannon has backed away from radio giving up his 92.3 NOW morning show early last year for medical reasons. Cannon is the  host of  NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” and will be reviving his hit MTV show “Wild N’ Out” on MTV later this summer. There are also reports that he has purchased all the rights to “Soul Train” and is in the process of revamping it and returning the show to television.

Cannon said; “I’ve made the difficult decision to step away from my on air duties in radio in order to have the time to dedicate to NCredible Entertainment and the various projects that I have on my plate in film, TV, retail and a new album. It is my plan to return to radio and my listeners very soon through my music.”



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