Michael Savage Arbitration Decision Upheld in Federal Court

An arbitrator’s decision to release Cumulus Media talk host Michael Savage from a contract with his former radio syndication company, Talk Radio Network, has been upheld by California federal court judge, Yvonne Gonzales Rodgers. the ruling stated that Savage was no longer bound by his TRN contract despite a provision giving TRN a right to match other offers and awarded him over a million dollars and the rights to tapes of the TRN show.

Savage’s lawyer, Dan Horowitz, called it a landmark case for talk radio and saying, “Michael is to talk radio what Curt Flood was to Major League Baseball.”

Savage has said that the case personally cost him $1 million in legal fees but that he’s happy to no longer work for a “radio plantation.” Savage also said the ruling “should free talent from the threats and extortionist behavior of ruthless Old-Hollywood types who can still be found in the corners of the radio industry.”

TRN CEO Mark Masters says they will appeal the ruling.

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