Ed Schultz Moves to MSNBC Weekends

Wednesday night on MSNBC “The Ed Show” host and Dial Global syndicated radio talker Ed Schultz aired an exclusive interview and got a big compliment from Scott Proudy, the man who filmed the Mitt Romney 47 percent comments.  Proudy, the bartender who found Romney’s remarks about a Chinese factory spellbinding, and whose taping of the Romney comments rocked the 2012 presidential election, revealed he specifically choose Schultz for the prime time interview by saying, “I thank you for speaking out for workers all across America. That’s the reason I’m here today is because you have a voice that — I think we need more voices like yourself.” By the end of the show Schultz announced that  “The Ed Show” is moving from weeknights to Saturday and Sunday nights 5-7p (ET).

That’s a nice way to step aside from the daily show that Schultz has been doing nightly since 2009. MSNBC is said to have considered replacing “The Ed Show” for months in an attempt to appeal to a younger audience,  even though the network has scored well in the competitive 8pm cable news time slot versus CNN’s Anderson Cooper and FOX New’s Bill O’Reilly.  Taking the high road, Schultz said during the announcement that the move was made “for a number of personal and professional reasons.”

Big Ed’s syndicated radio fans should have no fear however, that show will continue as usual. “I will continue to do my radio show. In fact, my goal is to do the radio show until the good lord takes me. That’s how much I love radio.” said Schultz.

MSNBC has announced that Chris Hayes, host of “UP with Chris Hayes” would be taking over for Schultz.


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