Jerry Doyle Launches

Talk Radio Network syndicated radio talk show host Jerry Doyle has announced the launch of his new media venture – an online content aggregator he describes as “a solution-based website that is about you, treat your family, generic your finances, your health, your community and your country.  It will aggregate news, resources and tools that are chosen and designed to have an immediate impact.”  Doyle says of the new online venture which has been over a year in the making,  “We are very excited to deliver directly to you some of the most influential voices spanning a variety of expertise, all designed to help you ‘opt-in’ to the things that most directly impact your life and ‘opt-out’ of the insanity of the so-called solutions brought to you by the permanent political class, the crony capitalists, the media cheerleaders, the purveyors of perpetual outrage and the seemingly endless collection of focus group phonies. will deliver to you the most relevant content in these and other impactful areas:  The Economy and Personal Finance, Technology and Social Media, Small Business Resources, Politics and Policy Impact, Government Accountability, Health and Nutrition, Entertainment and the Arts, and Science and Space Exploration.” will debut on February 26th.

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  • April 14, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    Hey Jerry-I like your show-like your Speech 101 teacher told you “Slow Down-Enun-ci-ate…each word.” It’s ok to speak more slowly 🙂

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