Envision Adds Turi Ryder for “America Weekend”

Envision Radio has announced that WGN-AM Chicago host Turi Ryder will anchor “America Weekend,” a new syndicated radio programming alternative to local brokered programming and “best of” programming. Ryder, whose stops include stints at KFI-AM Los Angeles, WLS-AM Chicago and KIRO-AM Seattle, will broadcast live on “America Weekend” Sundays from noon to 3pm ET. “There are things you try to avoid doing on your weekend — like caulking the bathtub, or cleaning your dog’s teeth — but listening to your radio should not be one of them,” said Ryder. “I’m looking forward to being part of a lineup that makes weekend radio listening a pleasure!”Ryder can also be heard in national syndication with her short humor feature, “Turi Ryder’s Exception to the Rule.” As the owner of Shebops Productions, Ryder is an established writer who has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, contributed and edited published books on radio and broadcasting with consultant Valerie Geller, and is completing her first book, “Half Off.”

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