Joe Madison Top Black Talker in America for the Second Year in a Row

WOL-AM Washington and Sirius/XM radio talker Joe Madison tops the Redding News Review annual survey of the top Black talkers in America for the second year in a row.  Madison was voted number one on the “Talented 10” list. The’s “Talented 10”  is a week long survey of talk radio listeners with nearly 400 votes cast. Listeners selected their favorite talk radio host from a list of more than 40 names and write-in candidates. Syndicated radio talkers Al Sharpton and Warren Ballentine also appear on the 2012 list.

1. Joe Madison– Sirius XM Satellite Radio/WOL-AM Washington D.C.

2. Rob Redding– GCN/Sirius XM Satellite Radio

3. Warren Ballentine – Syndication One/Sirius XM Satellite Radio

4. George Wilson – Syndication One/Sirius XM Satellite Radio

5. Al Sharpton – Syndication One/Sirius XM Satellite Radio

6. Derrick Boazman – WAOK-AM Atlanta, Ga

7. Stephanie Renée– WURD-AM Philadelphia, Pa

8. Mark Thompson – Sirius XM Satellite Radio

9. Andre Eggelletion– US Talk Network

10. Mo Ivory– WAOK-AM Atlanta, Ga

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