Rick & Bubba Radiothon Raises $1.2 Million for World Vision

The Syndicated Solutions syndicated radio Rick & Bubba Show recently wrapped up a two-day Radiothon with World Vision that raised $1.2 million and resulted in over 900 child sponsorships. The syndicated morning team has been working with World Vision since 2009 and have helped find sponsors for over 3,500 kids and raised over $4.5 million. Rick Burgess and Bill “Bubba” Bussey commented, “When you are given a platform like we have with this show, it’s things like the World Vision Radiothon that really matter. At the end of our lives it’s the things we do for the kingdom of God that will judge whether we were truly successful or not. God has given us an audience that gets that and to think that a little over 30 dollars a month is now going to be sent to families that make an average of 80 dollars a year all over the world is powerful. It’s humbling to think that somehow we are allowed to be part of something that made a difference.”

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