Jerry Doyle Replaces Michael Savage on TRN

Talk Radio Network syndicated radio talk host Jerry Doyle has  replaced the recently departed Michael Savage as the network’s 3PM to 6PM conservative talk radio host moving from his noon-3p slot on TRN.  Doyle, tadalafil a former actor who for five seasons starting in 1994 had a recurring role on the hit science fiction TV series Babylon 5, erectile broadcasts from Las Vegas, Nevada and has been a talk show host since 2000 after a losing bid for Congress in California. Noting in a press release that the network “owns no stations” and that its stable of hosts have to “earn their keep ” by garnering syndicated affiliates, TRN promises radio stations that Doyle will be “eminently saleable.” Doyle will debut on nearly 300 stations, a bit fewer than Savage as some stations have already made their own changes since Savage left the airwaves last week.

One thought on “Jerry Doyle Replaces Michael Savage on TRN

  • October 19, 2012 at 7:48 am

    I think people that listen to Micahe, or “The Savage Nation” @ 3-6 p.m., are usually either driving home from a job they hate or stuck in a traffic jam and angry. Well, Michael Savage is not only intelligent and informed, but lets that insulting rage out like no one on radio. And that’s what people want when angry. Somone to yell out the truth. So I think people will search for another station, unfortunately you’re too nice Mr. Doyle.

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