Arbitrator Awards Michael Savage Freedom from Talk Radio Network

Nationally syndicated radio talker Michael Savage has left his longtime syndication company Talk Radio Network after winning a legal battle against the company. The battle has played out ever since the controversial talker sued TRN in December of 2010, after saying he did not wish to renew his deal and planned to take an offer of a “better syndication deal” from Courtside Entertainment.  TRN CEO Mark Masters then released a statement saying that Savage’s contract was “crystal clear” and it would keep the controversial host with the network “for the foreseeable future.”  The arbitration ruling in Savage’s favor frees him to pursue opportunities with other networks and syndicators. in announcing the ruling on his website, Savage gave no sign of any imminent new deal, saying only that he would likely be off the air for “some time.”

In a statement to the Associated Press, Savage’s attorney Dan Horowitz said that the host had tried for two years to get out of his contract, which was 10 years old and prevented Savage from changing syndicators.  He added that Savage, who has  spent over $900,000 on the case, won over $1 million and the right to all archived tapes of his show.

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