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How to Be a Radio Guest Expert


Radio interviews can be yours if you identify radio shows that feature your type of companies, books, or clients and you build a successful relationship with each radio show’s producers. Let’s unpack the most important factors in answering how to get interviews on radio, TV, and podcasts:

1. Identify Radio Show Targets

To get radio interviews, you want to find programs that regularly feature topics like those that you hope to promote on the air. You can use Google or more specialized industry directories to find radio programs (or podcasts or TV shows) that book guests with expertise like yours (or your public relations clients).

2. Find Producer Contact Info

The person who schedules guest expert interviews is usually called a producer or a booker. For smaller radio shows, this may be the same person. But for larger, especially nationally syndicated radio programs, guest experts are rarely “booked” for interviews by the host. You’ll want to read the show website, scour radio industry trade websites and magazines, or listen to the radio show itself to learn who is the best person to approach for a guest interview appearance.

3. Be Friendly

Once you have identified the booker for the radio shows on which you would like to be interviewed, it’s time to start building a relationship. Remember that these bookers are receiving dozens, often hundreds of interview pitches each day. So it’s your job to be helpful and position you and your expertise as a potential solution to their guest expert interview booking problems. Make contact by e-mail, phone, or even fax. Today Facebook, Twitter, or other social network tools can also work.

4. Demonstrate Your Expertise

Offer your expertise as a guest expert whenever you see the radio show covering topics where you or your PR clients would fit well. Demonstrating your awareness of the news cycle and the kinds of stories that radio show typically covers can help you position yourself as a helpful problem solver, rather than another annoying pitch.

5. Be Timely

Radio shows don’t want to interview you just to promote your products, book, or clients. They are in the news business. You can get more radio interviews if you tie your pitch to topics that are currently hot in the news, rather than focusing exclusively on trying to sell your product using their air time.

Bottom line?

If you make it easier for the radio show booker to do his or her job, he or she is more likely to reward you with a Guest Expert radio interview publicity appearance you are hoping for.

By using these strategies, you can more effectively craft your pitch so that radio, tv, and podcast producers and bookers will give your expertise the attention it deserves. Also take advantage of free radio booking services online to skip many of the steps above. To find these sites, simply type in a phrase like “free radio booking service” into a search engine like Google to take advantage of these free online tools.

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