WYD Media Launches Content Distribution Company

WYD Media Management has been a key figure in the growth of syndicated radio talk shows such as the “The Stephanie Miller Show, physician ” “The Thom Hartmann Program” and “The Michael Smerconish Show.” WYD Media founder Ron Hartenbaum has announced the creation of WYM Media Management LLC stating that the new company will  handle the affiliate marketing strategies for its planned expansion of new talk programming. “WYM is a natural expansion of the business” said Hartenbaum. “WYD manages and produces programming, while WYM will focus on multiple platform distribution of that product.”  Hartenbaum has  worked with a number of  successful talk talent including Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Prager, Neal Boortz, Mike Malloy, Clark Howard, Mike Gallagher, and “Ring of Fire” with Sam Seder, Mike Papantonio and Robert Kennedy Jr.

Liz Laud will join the company as the first affiliate sales and marketing associate. Hartenbaum says, “Liz is an accomplished industry veteran whose track record from Westwood One, Jones Radio and Dial Global speaks for itself. We are absolutely ecstatic with Liz on the team as WYM’s first affiliate sales & marketing associate.”

WYM Media will be based in New York and Los Angeles and is expected to announce new programming shortly.

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