Perez Hilton Slides Into Billy Bush Slot for Cumulus

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton who already hosts a syndicated radio daily entertainment feature for Cumulus Media is picking up the night show from Dial Global’s Billy Bush Show on more than 50 Cumulus stations including those in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Detroit. The company dropped Bush in response to Dial Global’s placing its sports programming (the NFL, NCAA and Olympics coverage it acquired in the Westwood One deal) on non-Cumulus stations. “Perez Nights Live” launches May 21 with co-host Adam Bomb and will air four hours nightly. Hilton says he loves doing radio, and promises his show is going to be “deliriously delightful and de-lovely.”  Hilton will also continue to do his twice-daily entertainment news feature that launched four years ago. Cumulus co-COO John Dickey on the choice of Hilton says, ” Successful contemporary stations all have one thing in common: they keep their listeners on the cutting edge of music and pop culture.  Perez doesn’t report on pop culture, he is pop culture.”

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