Ed Schultz Cracks the Top Five on Talkers 2012 “Heavy Hundred”

Forget Rush Limbaugh‘s rocky first quarter of 2012,  he is still the king of the hill when it comes to Talkers magazines annual “Heavy Hundred ” list of the top radio talk show hosts in America. For the seventh year in a row Limbaugh tops the list of talk personalities vying for a place on the list, including Access.1/Dial Global progressive syndicated radio talker and MSNBC host Ed Schultz who vaults into the top five, a place that has been usually reserved for conservative leaning hosts. Other notables on the list include Cumulus Media host Mike Huckabee at #58 who made his debut just last week, but met Talkers only concrete qualification for inclusion on the list-that the host be working on at least one terrestrial or satellite radio station when the list is published. One glaring omission from the list is Syndication One talk personality Warren Ballentine who not only missed the cut for the “Heavy Hundred,” but the complete list of the top 250 talkers as well. *CORRECTION* Forgive us, the only glaring omission is the retraction we have failed to make up until now. Syndication One talker Warren Ballentine comes in at #60 on the 2012 Talkers magazine “Heavy Hundred” list. Our apologies to Talkers and Mr. Ballentine.

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