Little Steven Signs with United Stations

United Stations Radio Networks, Inc. (USRN) has announced a partnership with Steven Van Zandt’s production company, Renegade Nation to handle both the affiliate relations and national advertising sales for  Little Steven’s Underground Garage.  Created in 2002, the concept for the show is to expose audiences everywhere to the most seminal recordings in rock and roll across its six-decade history. The show highlights everything from the pioneers of rock and roll to the bands who made it during its heyday in the ’60s and ’70s to new and emerging artists in the present. The long-running, two-hour program’s top affiliates include WAXQ New York,  WMGK Philadelphia,  KSWD Los Angeles,  WXRT Chicago,  KKRW Houston and  WCSX Detroit as well as the Voice of America.

USRN’s President/COO Jim Higgins says, “The core of our business model is delivering excitement, star power and ratings to our affiliates and to our advertising partners as well, and for the past ten years, absolutely no one has generated more passion on the airwaves than Little Steven. It’s a thrill to be working with him and his entire radio team, especially at time when his acting career and his efforts and current worldwide 2012 tour with the E Street Band are in full swing.”

Van Zandt added, “My goal is to bring the great music we play on The Underground Garage to listeners EVERYWHERE, and we felt that after a decade of doing things ourselves it was the right time to partner with folks who can get our show heard absolutely everywhere. It takes ongoing relationships with radio stations and with sponsors to get the job done properly, and the guys at United Stations can do it all, so we welcome their expertise and enthusiasm for the next ten years of expansion.”

Van Zandt recently celebrated the show’s tenth anniversary.

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