Countdown to The New Normal-Tom Leykis Ready for Daily Return

After sitting on the sidelines for the last three years waiting out an employment agreement with CBS Radio, liberal talker Tom Leykis is set to return to the “airwaves” joining the daily lineup of his New Normal streaming and on-demand network. The CBS agreement ends March 31 and on April 2 Leykis will launch his new daily show. According to Leykis,”When we start the new Tom Leykis Show on April 2nd, we will decide where we are heard and where we are not. No more moving time slots (remember Seattle?), no more changing stations (four stations in Portland in 13 years), no more cancellations (New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Phoenix, San Diego), no more format changes (Los Angeles and Dallas) and no more cities blacked out (Houston, Atlanta, Boston, Washington, DC, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, New Orleans, and more). Leykis’ basic show will be free and available on the standard devices.

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