Ed Schultz and Thom Hartmann’s Back-to-Back Move

Talker Magazines’ Mona Lipschitz is reporting that the log jam between two of syndicated radio’s top progressive talkers is about to be let loose. In a rare act of cooperation between syndicated voices Ed Schultz and Thom Hartmann (both distributed by syndicator Dial Global and airing in the same 12P-3P daily time slot,)  Hartmann has agreed to move his daily show to 3P-6P. The move will allow stations to air them both live without having to choose one over the other. Not only do those stations get to air two of the most powerful voices in progressive radio in a six-hour block, Dial Global gets to back out of a contentious war between Hartmann and Schultz over who is the favored son when it comes to new affiliations. Overall it’s a great move for progressive radio which has too few voices in the first place and could be impetus for station format moves during this Presidential election cycle. Hartmann’s move is set for March 12th.

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