SparkNet Picks Dial Global, STORQ for Jack FM

SparkNet Communications and syndicated radio program supplier Dial Global have announced that all JACK FM network programming will now be utilizing the patented Dial Global STORQ local delivery technology. STORQ allows affiliates with JACK branded programming to incorporate important elements of localization and customization for every market, mind   giving stations control over their content and providing seamless programming continuity with imaging and advertising. In a related move, SparkNet names Ed Moloney as Director of Network Programming.  Moloney, who had been Program Director of the Dial Global JACK format, will now also be responsible for increasing the local brand awareness and support for all JACK FM affiliates. SparkNet President Garry Wall says, “Through our innovative partnership with Dial Global, Ed has dramatically upgraded the JACK network programming and will now lead this next turn with our localization and customization initiative.”

Dial Global Programming President/CEO Kirk Stirland says, “Our STORQ platform is really perfect for a format like JACK FM, providing clock and inventory flexibility, along with specific music mixes for competitive radio markets.”

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