Ryan Seacrest Media Gets Capital Infusion from Clear Channel, Investors

Clear Channel along with majority investors Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital, have entered into two new investment agreements with Ryan Seacrest Media “designed to drive business growth across multiple media platforms.” The entities have committed up to $300 million to working with RSM to “identify, acquire and develop innovative media companies, media content and other media properties that can be leveraged to support a range of media enterprises.”

Under a separate agreement, Clear Channel will acquire a minority stake in Ryan Seacrest Productions, the company that produces the hit series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and the spin-offs “Kourtney and Kim Take New York,” “Khloe and Lamar,” and “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.”  RSP will remain “creatively autonomous and continue as an independently-operated entity,” majority-owned by Seacrest.

RSP will remain “creatively autonomous and continue as an independently-operated entity,” majority-owned by Seacrest

Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman, THL Managing Dir. Richard Bressler and Bain Capital Managing Dir. Ian Loring will work with Seacrest and the RSP management team “to maximize the strategic and operational value of the RSP relationship with Clear Channel.” Bressler and Loring will work with Seacrest separately “to maximize the RSM investment initiative.”

“We aim to build Ryan Seacrest Media into a leading multi-media company with diversified assets and interests,” said Seacrest. “The entertainment industry is thriving with innovation more than ever before. I’m excited to collaborate with Clear Channel, THL and Bain Capital to seize on investment opportunities that capitalize on unique content, new technologies and distribution platforms. Bob, Rich and Ian bring a wealth of experience, ideas and resources and it’s truly a privilege to get to work so closely with them as we embark on this new endeavor. I believe we all share a vision and a commitment to success.”

“Ryan is an unmatched creative talent with success across more media platforms and involvement with a greater variety of programming and venues than anyone else in the industry,” said Pittman. “His combination of business acumen and keen understanding of consumers and popular entertainment is an incredible asset. We’re eager to collaborate with him in developing new and significant opportunities in the television arena in a way that can maximize our relationships with music and other talent, bring greater benefits to our advertisers, and further build Clear Channel’s singular ability to deliver local, mobile and social execution across a truly national audience base.”

“Ryan Seacrest is not only an enormous talent as an individual, but a leading business visionary who has his finger on the pulse of the evolving dynamics in the media industry. He and his business initiatives are quite literally driving the future of how media can create value in ways never dreamed of in prior decades, and we are pleased to be his partner, both through Clear Channel as well as through our separate, new and exciting media property investment initiative,” said Bressler. “Putting the scope, scale, reach and resources of Clear Channel and the THL and Bain Capital teams behind Ryan and his team underscores what he can achieve in this industry.”

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