Matt Pinfield Takes Over ‘Flashback’ Hosting Duties

Cumulus Media Networks taps former WRXP New York  morning host Matt Pinfield to replace Bill St. James as host of syndicated radio classic rock  institution Flashback beginning January 21st. The show features songs from the ’60s through the ’80s, and mixes in period newscasts, classic TV and movie clips, as well as commercial and comedy clips from the era.  Benztown Radio will produce the show under their new alliance with Cumulus. “I’m honored to have the opportunity and to work with such great people here at Cumulus and Benztown,” Pinfield says. “They’re so fantastic, and it’s a great opportunity to spread my musical love and knowledge and work on something that’s heritage but bring something new to it as well.”


One thought on “Matt Pinfield Takes Over ‘Flashback’ Hosting Duties

  • August 19, 2012 at 10:19 am

    I am 51 and have been listening to flashback for a long time. I have gave the new guy what 7 months now I guess, well I can not take it anymore. Bill St. James is flashback. Without him it sucks. Sorry but that is the way it is.

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