New Book ‘Syndication Nation’ Reveals Steps to Syndicate Content

The new book SYNDICATION NATION (Harmony House, pills 2011) is the first-ever guide to content syndication in all major media, including radio, television, Internet and print.  The author is Chris J. Witting, veteran syndicator and CEO of Chicago-based Syndication Networks Corp. Witting is also the host of two syndicated radio shows: The Success Journal (a daily feature heard on150 stations), and InfoTrak (a weekly interview show airing on 485 stations).

 “Years from now,” said Witting, “I believe media experts will look back at the present era and call it the ‘Golden Age of Syndication’. As I explain in the book, now may be the best time ever for anyone to get their content in front of audiences nationwide. My hope is that the book will open the door for those who have the dream of being nationally syndicated.”

Witting’s career has primarily been in broadcast radio, so for the book he interviewed experts and researched other forms of media, including television, Internet, satellite radio, public broadcasting, and print syndication. Along with the steps to syndicate content to various forms of media, the book includes chapters on monetizing content, working with networks, using social media, marketing to local outlets, and even a brief, entertaining history of media syndication.

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