Norman Goldman Launches Live in Denver

Compass Media Networks nationally syndicated radio talk show host Norman Goldman picks up Clear Channel Talk KKZN-A (AM 760, Colorado’s Progressive Talk) Denver for 4-7p (MT) weekdays, replacing Mario Solis. Commenting on the clearance, Goldman said, “We are thrilled and excited to be part of the live programming schedule offered daily by AM 760, Colorado’s Progressive Talk.  Our highly engaged, socially connected audience expects to interact with, and comment about, the live events happening around the world, and respond in real time. My sincere thanks to Clear Channel KKZN PD Dan Mandis for this amazing opportunity to make great live radio.”

Dan Mandis, Program Director KKZN, says “The Norman Goldman Show is compelling, intelligent, and never boring. We are excited to have him serve the afternoon drive listeners on Colorado’s Progressive Talk leader.”

Peter Kosann, Compass Media Networks Chief Executive Officer said, “Norm’s unique style, passionate intelligence, and legal logic, has connected with a youthful, upscale, active audience most desired by national and local advertisers. He stands out from the crowd by offering an up to the minute, accurate, analysis of key news making events delivered in a fast paced, no nonsense style.”

Goldman’s national radio show, launched 24 months ago is  heard daily in markets including Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Portland, Albuquerque, Madison, Reno, Ashville, Minneapolis and others.

3 thoughts on “Norman Goldman Launches Live in Denver

  • February 29, 2012 at 11:38 am

    I have to agree with Linda. Mario was tedious to listen to – at best, but Norm has his own shtick that is equally as annoying. The introduction rendered above repeatedly mentions his level of intelligence. I actively seek out truly intelligent discourse on political matters from both sides of the isle. Unfortunately, Norm’s need to continually rely on cheap ad hominem attacks in the form of name calling and distortions of the people’s names in order to fire up his audience, over shadows any real intelligence he may have. He is on the same level as Mark Levin and I will not be listening to Norm’s show.

  • January 12, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    I really appreciated Mario. I think he was well informed and though he tended to cut off his callers a tad too often, I still valued his opinions and knowledge. I would turn to CPR just to listen to his latest topic. I have tried to listen to Norman Goldman 3 times now and cant turn him off fast enough. Just his slogan alone is the most irritating, repetitive slam to my brain I have experienced in a long time. He seems like a clone of other radio hosts – originality is not his forte. I miss you Mario.

  • January 9, 2012 at 8:46 am

    My aprtner and I wondered what happened with Mario Solis-Marich no longer being on AM 760. Yet, we were continually frustrated with his show: he seemed to bully callers who didn’t agree with him; he didn’t seem to allow enough time for listeners to call in; he seemed more interested in issues of concern to him and less so of his listening population; many times, he seemed stuck on issues that were days, maybe even weeks, old. Not sure who his talkshow teachers were, but Norman Goldman had been under the tutelage of the likes of Ed Schultz.
    I can’t say how many times we would tune Mario off the radio because his style was simply irritating. And on the Latino point, yes, demographics are tending toward an Hispanic majority population some years away, but this is no reason for retaining a talk show host who can’t compete in ratings and turns listeners off.

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