Kevin Matthews Joins Steve Dahl on Podcast Network

Time Out Chicago’s Robert Feder is reporting that former Chicago radio star Kevin Matthews will be the first personality to join Steve Dahl’s podcast network. Dahl, who’d worked with Matthews for years at  Chicago radio outlets AM 1000 and the former WCKG, is calling his team up with Matthews  “a game changing deal” for his four-month-old subscription podcast venture. “I said, Bro, let’s get you into the world of podcasting because it’s perfect for you. There’s nowhere for guys like Kevin to go. Or guys like me, really, where we can do what we do best anymore.”

Matthews who enjoyed a 18-year run in Chicago starting in 1987 at WLUP and attracted legions of “Kevheads,”  will host his own weekly show- uncensored and commercial-free- available exclusively to subscribers of Dahl’s Daily Podcast. Matthews was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008, and has been out of the Chicago market for six years,  said of the new podcast venture, “My vision is to provide unique content, my personality. What is so exciting about this adventure is no rules. A podcast may last 45 minutes, maybe two or three hours. Content is key. I know when to exit a program.”


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