Delilah, Hipcricket Extend Mobile Pact

Premiere Radio Network syndicated radio nighttime diva Delilah, the most-listened-to-woman on radio in the U.S., has renewed her contract with long-time partner Hipcricket after doubling her mobile VIP club over the past year. Delilah’s daily nighttime radio broadcast,  syndicated to approximately 200 radio stations and reaching nearly nine million listeners every week, is entering its fourth year using Hipcricket’s platform to engage fans and provide mobile sponsorship opportunities to national brands including Keri Lotion, AT&T, Chase Bank, Nutro Cat Care, Marzetti Caramel Dips and Honey Baked Ham.

“For more than 25 years, female radio listeners have trusted Delilah to provide honest counsel and product recommendations, and this is reflected in the success of the mobile campaigns we conduct on behalf of brands like Keri Lotion,” commented Ivan Braiker, President of Hipcricket. “Everyone is talking about new ways to reach females — moms in particular. The combination of mobile and radio is extremely powerful for interacting with targeted, loyal audiences.”




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