Rob Redding Brings “Redding Review” to Cincinnati

Syndicated radio host Rob Redding‘s  “Redding News Review” has found a home in Cincinnati on WDBZ-AM (1230, The Buzz) from 6-9 p.m. starting Nov. 21.  Redding, known to his listeners as “America’s Independent Voice” is the founding editor and publisher of the nonpartisan black news Web site, He also has two other sites,, a daily general market news publication covering Washington, D.C., and, a community news index.

WDBZ Program Director Jeri Tolliver said of the addition of Redding, “I think that he will be a breath of fresh air in the evenings, there is no independent voice like his represented in Cincinnati.” “WDBZ is a vital community radio station,” said Redding. “Its listeners are aggressive, it’s staff is talented and seasoned and the station is highly respected. This is a great day for our program.”

WDBZ becomes Redding’s seventh radio affiliate.  Earlier this week, WURD Philadelphia became the sixth weekday affiliate joining stations in Atlanta, Cleveland, Raleigh NC, Myrtle Beach SC and Natchitoches LA.

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