Now There’s More Than One Way to Get Kim Iverson

Up to now United Stations Radio Networks syndicated radio show “Your Time with Kim Iversen, store  has been available only in a live five hour version for Hot AC stations.  Now USRN along with Entercom, treatment the company that created the show, has announced that beginning November 13 “Your Time with Kim Iversen” will be available as a live feed or in a “build your own” format. Hosted by KAMX Austin night personality Kim Iverson, the live feed will be a two-hour, personality-driven talk show airing live from 10:00 pm to 12:00 midnight ET.  Stations that wish to air music in the show can wrap the show segments around music to build a five-hour program.

United Stations EVP of Programming Andy Denemark says “Kim is an amazing talent, but we found that programmers had varied opinions on how they wanted her show to air.  Some wanted strictly a talk block, others were happy with the Hot AC show and still others wanted her content mixed with CHR or alternative music.  Now, every affiliate gets their wish!”

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