Entravision Launches New Jenni Rivera Talk Show

Entravision announced the launch of “Contacto Directo con Jenni Rivera” on Monday, a new radio show with Mexican-American regional recording artist Jenni Rivera. The program will begin airing in October on 13 of the broadcasters radio outlets across the U.S., including stations in Albuquerque, Denver, El Paso, Las Vegas, McAllen, Monterey/Salinas, Phoenix, Reno, Sacramento and Stockton. The talk show was developed for the growing audience of Latina women across the U.S. and will cover a range of topics, including entertainment, relationships, fashion and pop-culture. “Entravision provides our radio listeners top programming that discusses the issues and topics most relevant to the Latino community,” said Entravisions Radio President Jeffery Liberman. “We are confident that ‘Contacto Directo con Jenni Rivera’ will captivate audiences and fill the void in the marketplace of radio programming targeted specifically at Latina women.”

“Throughout my 12-year career as a recording artist, I have had a very passionate relationship with my fans who have repeatedly expressed their desire to connect with me,” added Rivera. “‘Contacto Directo con Jenni Rivera’ will be able to do just that – offer exclusive access and a behind the scenes look at my life to my fans, my people, mi gente.”

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    Hi I am verry sorry for wat you are going thru u are a
    Strong girl and will get thru this a pice of shit like that
    Dose not deserve u I am embarSsed I am also from tijuana
    And just makes me sick lots of love to u and ur family
    by the way I met u once at the lakewood mall and it was
    Also a bad time for u you were getting over another
    Disapointment but hang in there it took me 15years
    To get out and find my prince charming .

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