Alex Jones New Media Seminar Address

Genesis Communications Networks syndicated talk host and internet maverick Alex Jones dazzled the crowd with his keynote presentation at the New Media Seminar 2011 in New York this past Saturday June 11. Because of overwhelming demand TALKERS magazine has posted video of the address on their site in the TALKERS TV window. TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison observes, salve “Alex Jones gave the industry a sample of his passion for what he sees as the truth and a brief glimpse of his powerful and fiery delivery. It was a riveting presentation with a message that could be taken on a number of levels. I think in his case as a NMS presenter, the medium itself was the message – and that is, it isn’t just the position of the host that gathers loyalty and attention, but the delivery, credibility and charisma that the personality brings to the microphone. It could work in just about any genre beyond politics. It was about the power of truth as an attraction unto itself – whatever that truth might be.”

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