Schultz Sued By NBC Employee Over “Ed Show” Deal

Ed Schultz, ampoule Dial Global syndicated radio talker and host of MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” is being sued by NBC employee Michael Queen for fraud and breach of contract claiming that he was never properly compensated for helping Schultz secure a TV deal. The lawsuit alleges that in 2008 Schultz and Queen got together to pursue a TV deal, which fell through. A year later, cialis Schultz was hired by MSNBC.  Queen’s suit alleges that Queen acted as Schultz’s TV agent, and Schultz owes him at least $100,000 for a stake in the profits of “The Ed Show.”

“We pitched the TV idea to various network executives, produced a TV pilot, secured an apartment in D.C. for Ed and his wife Wendy, and even gave them a car to drive free for three months. We picked them up at the airport, and went shopping for them – all while helping them become millionaires, and we received nothing for our efforts!” Queen says in a press release sent out in conjunction with the lawsuit.

Schultz’s lawyer, Jeffrey Landa, claims that there was never a contract between Schultz and Queen and said “Ed paid [Queen] in full for every cent he spent,” adding that he and Schultz would aggressively fight the lawsuit.

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