Ballentine Reinvestment Campaign Nets $1 Million

Syndication One syndicated radio talk host Warren Ballentine and Mechanics and Farmers Bank announced that deposits made by people responding to Ballentines grassroots “Community Reinvestment” campaign now total over $1 million dollars.  In late 2009 Ballentine began encouraging his listeners, prescription known as “The Truth Fighters, medicine ” to support minority-owned financial institutions which “have traditionally invested in the communities they serve.” Listener response to Ballentine’s on-air messages of encouragement prompted Ballentine and M&F President/CEO Kim D. Saunders to set a goal of $1 million dollars in deposits. Ballentine announced the Truth Fighters $1 million goal for M&F Bank during last year’s “Measure the Movement” forum conducted by the National Action Network, link at which prominent African-Americans discussed the direction of black America. The goal, Ballentine said, was to “show what people can accomplish when they put their minds to it. This is an excellent way to clearly demonstrate how people can set a financial goal, work toward it diligently, and come away with tangible evidence of success. We met the goal we set last year. Now it’s time to take it to the next level.”

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