24/7 “Jelli” Programmed Stations to Debut in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is in line to be the first market to feature terrestrial radio stations completely powered by social media using Jelli’s syndicated social radio platform. LKCM Radio Group KHIJ and Aurora Media’s KVBE listeners will be able to choose in real time every song that plays on the air via Jelli’s website or Jelli’s free iphone app. One station will generally play Pop music, and the other Rock music, but both will be branded “Jelli.”

Listeners to KHIL and KVBE will be able to vote for songs, share songs on Twitter and Facebook, discuss what’s playing with the other community members, connect with other music fans around special nightly segments and use two unique Jelli “power-ups,” a Rocket and a Bomb, to further influence what will play next. KHIJ and KVBE will be completely automated by Jelli’s cloud-based platform, enabling local broadcasts to be customized to local tastes while being managed on a centralized basis.

“Jelli is the most significant innovation in radio format programming in a decade,” said Gerry Schlegel, President LKCM Radio Group. “We want to transform the market in Las Vegas by engaging with our listeners directly through the web and mobile, and building a strong community around an amazing music experience.”

Over the past year Jelli was launched in 25 markets including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta and San Francisco, the service is distributed by Triton Media with sales representation handled by Westwood One. The Vegas launch will take place in June.

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