Fisher Returns to Radio Syndication with John & Jeff

Glenn Fisher’s newly formed Fisher Entertainment, LLC (Fisher Entertainment), returns to syndicated radio taking over the syndication of “The John & Jeff Show” from Genesis Communications Network effective immediately. The previous incarnation of Fisher’s company (Fisher Communications, sold in 2001 to the now defunct NBG Radio) first launched the John & Jeff show in 1999. Hosted by John Boyle and Jeff Carroll, the show was heard on most of the “Free FM” stations owned by CBS, prior to the demise of the Free FM format. “I really like them. They’re genuine, interesting, not angry or manufactured, and non political. said Fisher. Clear Channel’s KNEW 910AM San Francisco will broadcast John and Jeff live beginning 4/28 from 10pm to 2am.

About returning to the syndication business after a ten year absence, Fisher Entertainment LLC managing partner Glenn Fisher said, “ Since I sold my company in 2001, there has been nothing new in talk radio. Just look at the top syndicated shows- all still the same! Even a broken clock is right twice a day, so I expect talk radio to finally expand its reach beyond the old angry white male demo in years to come. I will seek to syndicate shows that are ahead of their time, and serve a younger audience.

“I think this show, with its FM Talk roots, will fill a growing need of traditional news talkers for “safe-buy” non political programming with an emphasis on humor and entertainment,” added Fisher. “Don’t get me wrong, this show will be tackling the news topics and issues of the day, but it will do so without pushing a political bent, and therefore stand apart from so many of the other talk shows presently in the market.”

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