Wendy Williams and Psycho Mike Last on DWTS

KROQ Los Angeles and Loveline syndicated radio personality “Psycho Mike” Catherwood is bringing up the rear after the first night of  Dancing With The Stars.  “Psycho Mike” and dance partner Lacey Schwimmer finished at the bottom of the competition, tied for last place with just 13 points after the duo performed a Foxtrot. Radio is well represented bottom after the first night with Catherwood tied with daytime TV hostess and former syndicated radio show host Wendy Williams, who also did the Foxtrot. Psycho Mike has some help drumming up support for his efforts from Regis & Kelly’s Kelly Ripa who has launched a campaign for him.

“Karate Kid” Ralph Macchio was the top overall vote getter, with actress Kirstie Alley a close second.

*UPDATE* Mike Catherwood has been put out of his misery on DWTS. “Psycho Mike” was voted off the show after placing last in the fan voting. Catherwood commented that he knew it was coming because of his small fan base.

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